Parenting 101

Back to Basics

You guessed it, we are going Back to Basics! This site will give you the information you need if your new to parenting in general. Maybe you have a new baby, maybe your adopting, maybe your considering pregnancy and really don't know that much about child rearing. Well, lucky for you we do!

What are the basics? You may ask. Well the basics include everything from sanitizing baby bottles to choosing the proper car seat for your little one at different stages of development.

We not only pass on information gained as parents, but we also welcome new insight and ideas. We believe in the old (two heads are better than one) motto. Here you will learn many things that you may never have heard before. A wealth of parenting information right at your fingertips!

Is my child dress warm enough? Will loud music hurt my child's ears? Will my child form an attachment to those who care for him/her the most? What do I do if my baby is not feeling well? Who do I contact?

We are here, anytime. Send Your Basic Supermom an email! Email questions happily answered! We are here for you. Sharing mom to mom! Everyone needs help from time to time. Who better to help a mom than a mom?