Talking to Your Teen

Parenting teens? Boy are you in for a treat! I hear ya, I've got a teen myself. While I know we all can agree that all kids are different, we certainly all can agree that there are many issues that teens share across the board. What issues you ask? Well that depends mainly upon whether your parenting a teenage boy or a teenage girl. But some issues are common to both. On this site you will find information on light topics such as dating, fashion, schools, colleges, summer camps and sports. But we will also delve into issues such as how to talk to your teen about dating/sex, how to give your teen a self-confidence boost, how to lead by example, how to stress the importance of education, how to talk to your teen about drugs/alcohol and how to be a "friend" while still being a "parent."

This site is for moms by moms! We are here to help you! Why is your teen so quiet? Who is that knew person they're hanging around with? Do I have a right to invade my teen's privacy? Well, do you? Don't know, then stick around, we'll give you the answers you need!

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